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International Waste Management Solution Designs

Frans Kalp (South Africa)
Jacob (Dup) Rensburg (South Africa)
George Daley (Canada)
Lucrecio Oliveira (Brazil)
Renata Aquino Ribeiro (Brazil)

An example of waste in Brazil (Foto: Lucrécio Oliveira)
Students creating solutions (Foto: Lucrecio Oliveira)

Essential Question

How should we handle the waste in our respective countries?

Guiding Questions

How do we handle waste in our respective countries?

How is waste handled in our partner countries?

What should our waste management system look like in our country?


1. Students in Brazil, South Africa, and Canada will research via web searches, site visitations and expert meeting, the waste management methods in their respective locations. They will develop a video using Movie Maker to detail their local process. The video will then be shared to the students from partnering countries via Share-point.

2. Students in each nation will then view the movies posted by their partnering nations. The student will then provide feedback and commentary, via a blog or wiki, regarding their thought and suggestions for improvements to other country’s practices.

3. Student of each participating country will then develop a new or improved plan for waste management in their nations. They will base this plan on new technologies discovered in internet searches, community surveys, best practices in partnering nations, and information supplied by partnering experts. Student will then detail this new plan in a multimedia production.

The final product must include

– a video detailing their new vision

– a public service media campaign promoting their new plan

-including a theme song
– a website

– a short video aimed at TV circulation
– articles aimed at local print and electronic sources

– electronic forms of communication directed at elected officials to promote their plan.

Please note – Students will work in teams to produce these final products. Students will be provided the options to participate in the sections that best reflect their personal interest and skill set.


Each local class will pursue partnerships with the following professionals to provide intellect and perhaps technical support in their particular fields.

– Experts in waste management

– Local media providers

– Local engineering companies


– Peer review from partnering nations.

– Local teacher assessment according to a mutually predesigned rubric

– Response from governing bodies

– review from participating experts


– Digital Media capturing devices

– Windows Movie Maker – Production of sharing video and final productions

– Auto Collage and Deep Zoom – used from website, and video components

– Song Smith – Used for the production of both the theme song and radio ad

– Share Point – site for hosting all information shared between nations

– Blog and Wikis

1. Task Definition

1.1 Define the information problem.

1.2 Identify information needed in order to complete the task (to solve the information problem).

2. Information Seeking Strategies

2.1 Determine the range of possible sources (brainstorm).

2.2 Evaluate the different possible sources to determine priorities (select the best sources).

3. Location and Access

3.1 Locate sources (intellectually and physically).

3.2 Find information within sources.

4. Use of Information

4.1 Engage (e.g., read, hear, view, touch) the information in a source.

4.2 Extract relevant information from a source.

5. Synthesis

5.1 Organize information from multiple sources.

5.2 Present the information.

6. Evaluation

6.1 Judge the product (effectiveness).

6.2 Judge the information problem-solving process (efficiency).

—From “A Big6 Skills Overview” by Mike Eisenberg,


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