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Uma boa notícia! Uma sessão aprovada na RightsCon Silicon Valley 2016 – conferência sobre direitos autorais, internet, liberdades individuais e outros temas que acontece de 30/3 a 1/4/2016.

A sessão intitula-se “Internet Governance Networking Efforts” e foca na articulação de brasileiros interessados no tema Governança da Internet desde o IGF2015.

A apresentação Rightscon será em 1/4 e veja como participar.

Good news! We had a session approved in RightsCon Silicon Valley 2016 – a conference on authoral rights, internet, individual freedoms and other themes.

The session is called “Internet Governance Networking Efforts” and focuses on the participation of Brazilians interested in the theme Internet Governance since IGF2015.

Our rights RightsCon Silicon Valley session will be in 1st April 4pm-5pm (check other times http://bit.ly/igregional) . Alyne Andrade will be representing us in this event and we’re grateful for AccessNow for the provision of partial funding to attend.

See more about the session and confirm your participation here: http://bit.ly/igregconfirm

Session description:
IGF2015 happened in november in Brazil and inspired a group of activists in Internet Governance who have spread themselves in many different groups in IG in the world. Now we review these dialogues and strategies for regional groups to participate in internet governance debates.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Access Now
Date: Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 2:45 PM
Subject: RightsCon Silicon Valley

Thank you very much for your submission to host a session at RightsCon Silicon Valley 2016.

The Program Committee has reviewed your proposal, and I’m very pleased to inform you that your session ID#101 “From Internet Nordeste to IG World – Meeting of Internet Governance Interest Groups after IGF2015 in Brazilian Northeast
” has been accepted as a meeting session at RightsCon! You should be really pleased, as there was intense competition with over 300 proposals from 50 countries for only a limited number of spaces. Congratulations!When: The Conference will take place from Wednesday March 30th to Friday April 1st at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. The schedule is still in development, so we will be in touch with details as to the dates, times and rooms for your session.  Official programming will begin at 9am on March 30th (including the Opening Ceremonies), but you may want to arrive in San Francisco early to participate in the amazing Satellite Events and social activities that will take place on Day 0, Tuesday March 29th.If you have any questions please let us know, and we look forward to working with you!


  1. O evento RighstCon acontecerá semana que vem. Em breve, vamos aterrisar no Silicon Valley para aprender, compartilhar e trazer novidades sobre Governança da Internet para a nossa região Norte-Nordeste.

  2. Olá grupo Governança da Internet da região Norte-Nordeste do Brasil.

    Semana que vem estaremos no evento RightsCon que acontecerá no Vale do Silício. Vamos organizar o painel do dia 01/04, no horário das 16h-17h para buscarmos mais engajamento para nossa região. Aguardamos a contribuição dos interessados.

    Até breve, Alyne 🙂

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