#SSIG2017 #SSIGSide Talks: Meeting about Rioeduca and Educopedia

As part of the #SSIG2017 #SSIGSide Talks, events which were organized just this one time as parallel activities to South School of Internet Governance in Brazil in 2017, a meeting happened with Rioeduca and Educopedia team.

The meeting in 4 april discussed themes will be discussing policies which may affect the internet’s future and how can citizens participate in non-profit organizations which deal with such topics.

At the Secretaria Municipal de Educação do Rio de Janeiro, the Equipe Educopédia (GITE) presented the portal Rioeduca and Educopedia and the comprehensive work of communication and education done with over 45.000 teachers and 700.000 students. Gisele Cordeiro, manager of GITE, and Francisco Velasquez, from SME-RJ, presented the portal in this informal meeting. Participated in the dialogue too Dustin Philips (ICANNWiki), Renata Aquino Ribeiro (NCUC-LAC), Daniel Fink (ICANN), Jennifer Chung (Dot.Asia).

Each participant of the dialogue presented their initiatives and paths to continue exchanging experience and collaborations were discussed.


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