#SSIG2017 #SSIGSide talks UNIP Chácara Santo Antônio

This is to outline one among the series of side talks in the same week or the week after #SSIG2017.
These events are organized in universities and learning spaces in Brazil and groups linked to civil society spaces in I* organizations such as NCUC – ICANN and others.

The themes will be discussing policies which may affect the internet’s future and how can citizens participate in non-profit organizations which deal with such topics.

All events will be in Portuguese, Spanish and English (with simultaneous translation).

This talk was featured as the pre-event of the Media week at the university and gathered the courses Media Studies and Law.

10 Apr – 19:00 – 21:00 – Monday
UNIP – Paulista University
Lead professor: Monica Mandaji
Speakers: Dustin Philips (ICANNWiki), Renata Aquino Ribeiro (NCUC-LAC), Daniel Fink (ICANN)
Attendance only to students and professionals at the institution
Audience: undergraduate students in media studies, design


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