Taking steps to engage in DNS Policy: discussions in ICANN Rioinfo seminar

Policy decisions concerning DNS have yet to include more actors in a multistakeholder dialogue with stakeholder and regional balance and there are steps interested parties can take to make this happen. This was one of the main points of debate at Rioinfo seminar, an event where ICANN participated with representative from NCUC EC LAC, Renata Aquino Ribeiro and many others.

An announcement about the event and the programme was posted to NCUC blog


Focusing on civil society and academia perspectives, learn a bit more about what was discussed.

* Engagement in ICANN and Internet Policy Development Process
Renata Aquino Ribeiro – Researcher and LAC representative of Non Commercial Users Constituency – NCUC ICANN

We shared here the resources of NCUC Newcomer page, with guidance for those who wish to join Internet Policy Development processes in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Check it out: https://www.ncuc.org/get-involved/newcomers-corner/

* Learning experiences on internet governance in Rio and around the world
Luca Belli – FGV / RJ – co-organizer of South School of Internet Governance 2017
Filipe Meireles – Master’s Degree in International Relations UERJ – graduated from the South School of Internet Governance 2017
Sofia de Castro Mariel – Asuntos del Sur – Academia de Inovación Política

This session reviewed #SSIGSide talks, a series of side events around South School of Internet Governance in Rio de Janeiro. These events were dialogues in universities and community centers with activists interested in learning about NCUC. As remote speakers we had Farzaneh Badii and Milton Mueller in some of the #SSIGSide sessions, among others.

A key take-away of this session was the discussion of how it is important to innovate when doing policy. Thinking about perspectives and consequences is an important step when building studies and comments which will guide policy.

* Digital Rights and Geopolitics: The Importance of discussing internet policy to Brazil
Ana Amelia Barreto – OAB / RJ
Luca Belli – FGV / RJ – co-organizer of South School of Internet Governance 2017
Félix Blanc – Internet Sàns Frontiéres

This session served as a recap of previous discussions and important points moving forward on the debates about internet policy to Brazil from a global perspective. NCUC gained a new organizational member, Internet Sàns Frontiéres and planned session theme suggestions to ICANN60 around domain name policy and censorship, jurisdiction, privacy and other themes.

Remember #Rioinfo NCUC participation in these selected tweets:


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